About Us

InfoMed  is a 5 year old Medical Publishing Company with Special Interest in Computer and Multimedia based Teaching-Learning Methods. The company is headed by Dr T Vijay Sagar, MBBS,MS(Anatomy).  Dr Vijay Sagar is a Recognized Professor of Anatomy from the highly acclaimed Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India. Having put in 24 years of teaching at AFMC , Dr Sagar has voluntarily retired from the organization in order to further his passion for e-teaching learning.

Dr Sagar has forseen the Potential of Computer and Computer based teaching-learning methods. E-learning is the future of education. The slogan "e-learning is here to stay, It will only get bigger and better!! " has been the vision of Dr Sagar and the driving force behind InfoMed. A number of senior professors and doctors have supported the cause. Interactive Human Histology has been the first commercial production from InfoMed.

There are some projects which are already in the varying stages of production and are likely to be released soon. In future, the company also plans to produce affordable multimedia based e-learning software and applications which can be used over  varying platforms like Computers,Laptops,Portable hand held devices,tablets,eBooks,online delivery of multimedia content.

Informed welcomes Medical Professionals/Publishing companies who share the vision of Multimedia based Education.We also welcome Medical book distributors who are willing to partner us in this exciting new field of education.